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Ballarat café switches to Piccolo Coffee

by Sara Napier on
Warrnambool’s Piccolo Coffee is now available in Ballarat. The popular Lighthouse Blend is now being supplied to the IneXterior Café at 401 Mair Street. IneXterior IneXterior Café owner, and chef, Jamie Mahony said he only recently changed from his existing coffee bean supplier and the response to Piccolo Coffee had been very positive. “We’re really pleased to be able to tell our customers now that our coffee is freshly roasted just a couple of hours away in Warrnambool,” he said. “You’re always nervous when you make a change that you might upset your clientele, but the response has been fantastic - we’re seeing new faces in the cafe every day. “People are saying that Piccolo’s is very smooth and doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste. We’re also noticing a thicker crema and more aroma in the café which is nice.” Mr Mahony said he was enjoying working closely with Piccolo Coffee Roasters owners Jon and Olivia Darcy. “We’re finding that because they are roasting their own beans, they are extremely knowledgeable about their product,” he said. “It’s great as well to be able to deal directly with Jon and Olivia and to develop a relationship with them that is focused on providing our customers with a great product.” Mr Darcy said IneXterior was the only place in Ballarat where his coffee was available. “To expand our coffee into another regional city is great for us and great for our brand. We want our coffee to be available in towns right across south-west Victoria,” he said. “Jamie and his team at IneXterior Café are using our branded BioCups as well, which is important to us. The paper used to make the cups is sourced responsibly from managed plantations and the cups are 100 per cent compostable.”
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