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Loaf & Lounge moves to exclusive Piccolo blends

by Sara Napier on
Piccolo Coffee Roasters is now supplying Camperdown’s Loaf and Lounge café with its own exclusive coffee blends. loaf The Loaf and Lounge is the latest south-west coffee shop to make the switch to Piccolo Coffee Roasters, but the first to establish its own unique Piccolo roasted blends. Piccolo Coffee Roasters owners Jon and Olivia Darcy said they had worked closely with Paul and Kate Kent from the Loaf and Lounge to develop the exclusive blends. “It’s exciting to be roasting blends exclusively for the Loaf and Lounge and to be working with such a well established business to develop their own unique coffee style,” Jon said. “We have loved the challenge of designing blends that meets the café’s needs and it’s an exciting step for our business to begin servicing clients with their own signature blends.” Jon said two separate Loaf and Lounge blends had been developed over the past two months in close consultation with Paul and Kate Kent. “We’ve produced one blend for the Loaf and Lounge’s espresso range and another blend for their milk-based coffees,” he said. Jon said he would roast both blends every week in Warrnambool to make sure the Loaf and Lounge was always stocked with freshly roasted beans. “The espresso blend has been developed for black coffee drinkers and is a lighter city roast characterised by hints of tropical fruits, cocoa and toffee at the end,” he said. “Our special blend for the Loaf and Lounge’s milk-based coffee is a full city roast designed to cut through milk with a creamy, syrupy character and hints of almond and malt.” Kate Kent said she was excited to be working with a local coffee roaster and to continuing to build the Loaf and Lounge’s reputation for memorable coffee. “For us the partnership with Piccolo Coffee Roasters, and Jon specifically, means we can have a real face-to-face relationship with the person who roasts our beans, maintains our quality and knows our product,” she said. “Supporting local businesses is really important to us and to be able to have our own coffee blends roasted 45 minutes up the road is fantastic.”
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