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Try our new Cold Brew Nitro Coffee

by Sara Napier on
Locally roasted cold brew nitro coffee is now available in the south west. Piccolo Coffee Roasters has just launched its own bottled cold brew, with the product already available in Warrnambool, Port Campbell, Camperdown and Ballarat. Owner Jon Darcy said cold brew was the latest coffee craze sweeping the world and he was proud and excited Piccolo Coffee Roasters had been able to launch its own variety. “I’m really happy with our brew which is made with naturally sweet, single origin Ethiopian beans that have been roasted ourselves in Warrnambool,” he said. “The coffee is immersed in filtered cold water and infused with nitrogen to provide a slight fizz before being sealed in 330ml bottles.” Jon said the product could be enjoyed straight out of the bottle, like a good beer, or poured over ice. He said there were natural hints of honey, mandarin acidity and caramel. “There’s no added sugar, or any additives for that matter other than filtered water, Arabica coffee and nitrogen, so it’s not full of calories or carbs,” he said. “There is however the equivalent of three espresso shots in each bottle, so there’s a nice guilt-free caffeine hit.” Jon said Piccolo Cold Brew Nitro Coffee was available from his shop in Warrnambool and from 12 Rocks Café and Bar in Port Campbell, Rise and Grind Coffee and Juice Bar in Camperdown and the IneXterior Café in Ballarat. “It’s light and summery and we’re getting great feedback from people who have tried other cold brews before and from people who are new to the whole phenomenon,” he said. COMPETITION: We're giving you the chance to win a whole case of our Cold Brew Nitro Coffee simply by posting a photo of one of our bottles on OUR 'Piccolo Coffee Roasters Warrnambool' Facebook page between now and the end of January. The photo with the most 'Likes' will be announced as the winner on February 1. Good luck and get snapping!
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